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Chinese Noble Hats Traditional Oriental Melon Caps Guapimao


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Traditional Chinese oriental scull cap Guapimao for men and boys. These melon peel caps come with top tassels and crafted from satin fabric. The Asian noble scullcaps have a rigid structured frame with two top tassels in black, red and green colors. Please, use our actual hat size chart in the image gallery, hat sizes - 4(XS), 5(S), 6(S-M), 7(M), 8(L).

Product Additional Information:

Gender: Unisex
Type: Scull Cap
Color: Black/Red/Green
Style: Chinese/Asian
Size Range: XS-L
Material: Cotton/Polyester
Pattern: Solid
Chart: See Image Gallery
Care: Soft Cloth Clean
Origin: China

Called a melon peel cap (瓜皮帽 - guā​pí​mào), this cap is sewn together with 6 pieces of tape red cloth to form a hexagonal cone with a circular band at the bottom and a button on top. Attributed to Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang of Ming dynasty, this construction signifies grand unity of all sides. The cap was in vogue from late Qing till the Republic period. This item is in black or black/red satin material finished with a red button & two dangling tassels on top. Stylish and full of Asian culture, this Oriental Noble Hat is the perfect accessory for any wardrobe.